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Ifenklili: Something to Admire

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Ifenklili: Something to Admire

The world of Uhuru is always changing. Every level of our team is composed of hardworking, passionate individuals.  

We are fashion, yes. But we are also thinkers, motivators, scholars, and visionaries. Our visions come alive in photography, design, writing, and many other mediums.

Our team is something to admire.

This is a look beyond the clothes. This blog is your view inside the collective creative journey.

The team has walked many paths to get to where we now are. We are not one single nationality, ethnicity, age or gender. Our blood is African, Caribbean, American, and Latino.

We are a combination of many minds that believe in a better version of accepting diversity and overcoming adversity. We know our vision is something to admire, and this series aims to reflect that on a deeper level.

We are peeling back the layers of who we are. This is our space to be real, to say what needs to be said and to offer exclusive insiders on upcoming events and ideas.

Our community is eclectic yet united; intricately connected to stand together and support individual victories amongst ourselves as well.

This is the Uhuru movement. Follow our journey in pieces to come each month.

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