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Our Founder

Our Founder

Izuchukwu Madubueze is the creative genius at the heart of Uhuru. He is the vision behind the clothing and the man that brings all the pieces of the business together.

From the first piece of clothing he made for himself, Izu’s eye for design made a statement. Almost immediately, supporters started to ask how they too could add items to their wardrobe with his touch. Demand flowed in for anything from special events to everyday pieces with multiple uses available.

Izu does not just stop at design. He has overseen and had a hand in every piece that has gone out to a customer this year. This process ensures Uhuru items are as authentic as possible, as well as tailored with precision and style in mind.

What is most remarkable about Izu is how he does this with such humility and poise. His philosophy goes beyond the brand; all of his actions aim to bring the team up together.

No matter the connection to him at first – working, personal, or as a referral – his ability to create trust and hold the team accountable is the glue that holds everything together.

Izu’s aim is to support and guide the creative tools that make Uhuru come alive. His designs and management are at the root of the way our individual talents take Uhuru to the next level. He listens to ideas, he supports the creative process in photography, styling, writing, and more. He is a friend first, while still making business an important priority.

Originally from Nigeria, Izu moved to Oklahoma as a Criminology and IT double major. Izu soon realized he was too comfortable and craved a challenge. The University of South Florida answered that need and more.

Beyond a place to study, it became a home. The community at his new campus pushed him to dig deeper than his studies. By the end of his first year in Tampa, Izu started to realize his potential to make an impact.

Inspired by the desire to create something bigger than himself, he started making custom pieces – a need expressed among his peers for special events.

From there, Uhuru has not looked back. What started with one man’s vision has become the hope of many. Welcome to our family!

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