Squad Stories: Moments, Dreams, and Family – Uhuru
Squad Stories: Moments, Dreams, and Family

Squad Stories: Moments, Dreams, and Family

In light of celebrating our rebranding, we want to take a moment to highlight our Creative Coordinators! Lovelyn Legerme and Judah Masilela are the minds that help make this possible.

Love is a fourth-year Studio Art major at the University of South Florida. Her passion for creating has helped bring Uhuru to life as a brand.

Her photography truly captures the feeling wearing Uhuru brings; it expresses confidence, style, comfort, and – of course – freedom. She owns every shoot she does with the ability to take command while making everyone feel at home.

When asked about her experience with Uhuru, Love says,

“Uhuru has given me a home to collaborate and create… it has allowed
me to gain meaningful connections and experiences that I will take
into my future career.”

Beyond her contributions from behind the camera, we are thankful for Love’s energy. Her quirky, outgoing spirit is always ready to brighten someone’s day. She easily rolls with the obstacles that come with being a small start-up, always understanding and carrying herself with poise.

Judah is a Computer Science major from South Africa. Judah chose USF to experience the other side of the world, but he stays connected to his roots through Uhuru. Judah says,

“Familiarity is such an essential factor that research has proven
[international] students are more successful when they are reminded of home. Uhuru has been my home away from home – it reminds me why I am here and why I keep fighting”

Judah has an eye for design and storytelling through creative mediums. He first connected with Izu on Instagram over their common love of fashion, but now says he sees the vision behind the DOPE designs.

He balances our high-energy atmosphere of events and new releases by keeping cool and calm. His energy always makes you want to smile. Judah is always ready to suggest new ideas and take a project to the next level.

Together, Love and Judah make up the core of the creative services Uhuru needs to tell our visual story.  We are so thankful for their hard work and are excited to watch them continue to grow with the brand!

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