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The Message

The Message

Uhuru was born from the essence of African and African-American creatives, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. These men and women are the innovators bringing African culture to center stage in a Western world. From its start, the purpose of Uhuru has been to push boundaries to expand the freedom of thought and self-expression.

A small team with only $300 and an apartment as a studio took a chance. Fashion is just the first part of the journey, but creativity and the authentic representation of one’s true self will always be at our core.

The message has always been freedom. Freedom is the oxygen of the soul, the source of every message we share.

We believe in the right of all individuals to be who they are. We believe in their right to tell their story. We believe in bringing differences to the table to innovate and educate.

Uhuru is growing as an international presence. We are a brand of quality, style, culture and authenticity; this is due largely in part to the culture we create amongst our team. We are united members. We are focused innovators. We are dreamers with a cause that reaches beyond the clothes.  

The movement to merge traditional African style and customs with Western influences has only just begun. Our vision is to be more than average and to be particularly exceptional in expressing our African and African-American roots. Our style and message touch the hearts of many, from Afro-Caribbean to Latinos to European.

The clothes catch your eye, but passion is what dresses the heart. The core of everything we do is the inspiration to be an influencer in how the world is viewed today. We aim to tell the story of our youth in a way that will open doors for generations after.

We are the dreamers of dreams and the guardians of our own stories. As creatives, we believe the world is waiting for our message and the time has come to tell our tales.

We are here to challenge what is currently the norm. We are here to start important conversations from collaborations to coexistence.

Our world is changing!

The way we learn, interact, unite and even fall apart has evolved. We must move forward with our most authentic selves and leave any other stories behind. We must make the necessary changes to discover the potential within, then, let it shine.

We must have the fire in our hearts to show the world who we really are. That is the essence of Uhuru – the tenacious voice of freedom spoken through the ultimate self-expression that is fashion.

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